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About Us

Tommy Atkins has long been the name given to the British soldier. With over 6 million men serving in the British armed forces in WW1 most of us have strong family links to that struggle. Tommy was more than a soldier. He was family, a friend or a neighbour risking his life in defence of his country and believing in the justice of his cause.

I started Tommy's Militaria because of my lifetime passion for military history. This began at junior school and developed throughout my career as a history teacher and through research into my own family’s past. (The picture on the right is my grandfather with his brothers)

Every object has a story to tell and Tommy's was created to share that story and enable you to take part in it at very competitive prices.

I have collected Militaria for over 20 years, specialising in the uniforms, equipment and ephemera of the British Army and Royal Flying Corps from WW1. However, I also maintain a keen interest in all periods from the English Civil War to WW2.

I operate mostly from this website and have begun to make appearances at military fairs across the country. Please sign up to our emails so we can keep you updated on sales, interesting new items and our appearances at fairs, so hopefully we can meet you in person!

About Us